Renewable Energy

Would you like working in a field that is environmentally friendly? Would you like to be ready to contribute toward more effective energy management in your workplace and in your community? Because our region has been identified as a prime location to supply new biorefineries with locally-grown biomass, MSCC is currently investing millions of dollars into high-tech training opportunities in the growing renewable energy sector to meet the future needs of our regional workplace. Mid-South Community College’s Renewable Energy program offers you several choices, from individual classes on the topic of your choice to a fast-track path toward a Bachelor of Applied Science from Arkansas State University. In between, you can obtain a Certificate of Proficiency, a Technical Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Renewable Energy/Biofuels.Initial classes include Introduction to Renewable Energy Technology, Biofuels, Manufacturing Production Systems, and Industrial Safety. . . In the Introduction to Renewable Energy class, students learn about renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal and biomass. In Biofuels, students learn to convert biomass resources into fuels such as methane, ethanol and diesel. In later classes such as Bioprocess Practices and Process Controls, students learn the basic technology of a chemical plant and how to work in the modern bio-refinery. For directions to a career in this revolutionary and vital field, call 870.733.6853.

Areas of Emphasis

Renewable Energy Technologies
Instrumentation Systems
Safety Standards and Practices
Biofuels Testing
Plant Operations and Optimization
Plant Maintenance and Compliance

Possible Careers & Earnings

Chemical Process Helper | $27,000
Biodiesel/Ethanol Loader | $30,000
Chemical Technician | $32,000
Instrumentation Technician | $33,400
Biofuels Production Operator | $35,000
Solar Module Assembly | $37,500
Chemical Plant Operator | $39,000
Chemist | $57,000

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