Welding Technology

Want to read blueprints and use welding and cutting
equipment to assist in the manufacture various products we use every day?

If you like to make sparks fly and earn a good salary in the process, MSCC’s Welding Technology program is a perfect fit for you. Based on skill standards established by the American Welding Society, the program provides theory and practical skills application in welding and cutting. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in arc welding, plasma and air carbon arc cutting, and oxyacetylene, TIG, MIG, and gas metal and flux core arc welding. In the process, you will also learn welding inspection testing principles and fabrication techniques. If you are looking for a 9-5 job pushing paper behind a desk, this program is NOT for you. But if you like the idea of putting things together or cutting them in two, you should give this a try. Small, medium, and large facilities throughout the Mid-South are in need of entry-level welders, and this program will give you the training you need to find a quality job.

Potential Careers & Earnings
Welding Machine Operator | $40,000
Welder/Cutter | $65,000
Combination Welder | $65,000

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