Advanced Manufacturing

Mid-South Community College can equip you for a financially-rewarding career in Advanced Manufacturing through education and training opportunities at its $8 million Workforce Technology Center.

The Advanced Manufacturing program prepares you for an exciting career that may include designing and planning processes, and supervising production. You will have the opportunity to learn high-tech skills in basic and advanced industrial and business processes, technology management, and manufacturing procedures.

This dynamic field includes a variety of opportunities in using, testing, and managing manufacturing systems and robotics. You will have the chance to develop high-tech, high-demand skills in computer-aided drafting (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM). You will also learn management skills designed to help you solve basic and advanced manufacturing problems.

We offer multiple stop-out points from a certificate at high school graduation through an associate of applied science degree to a bachelor of applied science degree available on the MSCC campus through the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

Areas of Emphasis

AC/DC Electrical Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Drives, Linkages, and Mechanical Systems
Instrumentation Systems
Safety Standards and Practices

Possible Careers & Earnings

Engineering Manager | $89,000
Manufacturing Engineer | $66,000
Product Designer | $45,000
Senior Drafter | $44,000
Machine Repairer | $39,000
Maintenance Worker | $36,000
Milling Machine Operator | $32,000
CNC Machine Operator | $32,000

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