Pre-Employment Training

We’ve helped our clients:

Reduce turnover

Decrease overtime hours

Improve safety and Reduce Workers Comp claims

Experience an ROI on training dollars

Managing a new startup, training a new workforce, replacing turnover, or adding to your workforce?  We can help and make it seamless. Our partnership with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Arkansas Department of Workforce Services makes this process as easy as telling us what you want and need. Having the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services located on our campus is an added convenience for you.  Once we know this, we will take care of the rest.

We will help you streamline your interview process.

We can offer pre-employment testing using Key Train® and WorkKeys® assessments and can test for basic workplace, problem solving, communication, or technical skills.

We work with employers to design skills assessments that evaluate whether employees have the necessary dexterity or problem solving skills to perform certain jobs or tasks.

Additionally, we will tailor pre and post-employment classes to meet specific company needs.

You will conduct fewer interviews in the hiring process because of the additional screening process that we coordinate for you.

You will experience fewer turnovers and see improved performance.

Finally, you will see the return on your investment by having a better-trained and well prepared workforce.

A key element to employee retention is effective assessment of current skills to inform effective hiring and training. Take the time to invest in your employees on the front-end of the hiring process. It will give you a significant return on your investment in the end.

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