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Because Mid-South Community College considers access to higher education a top priority, the institution has gone to great lengths to keep costs as low as possible for its students.


“Keeping our tuition low has been a serious challenge, but it’s one we believe is vital to the future of the Delta,” says MSCC President Dr. Fenter. “We will continue to do our best to provide the highest quality learning opportunities at the lowest possible cost.”


The Mid-South Community College Board of Trustees has approved the following tuition rates:




Registration-Related Fees For All Students  
Assessment fee $2 per credit hr    
Career Services fee $2 per credit hr        
Security fee $2 per credit hr         
Student Support fee $5 per credit hr        
Student Activity fee $2 per credit hr

Technology fee

$8 per credit hr

Other Fees

Admissions processing for international students $25
Sandra C. Goldsby Library Community Patron card 
(Crittenden County resident)
Sandra C. Goldsby Library Community patron card
(Non-Crittenden County resident)
COMPASS/ASSET placement testing
Credit by examination/portfolio* $25
Late registration $100
Official transcript
Replacement student ID
Returned check charge
 Schedule change
(drop/add after official enrollment day)



 In-County, per credit hour* $90
Out-of-County, per credit hour*  $110
 Out-of-State, per credit hour** $300
International, per credit hour  $300

* Please note that tuition is charged per credit

hour, regardless of the number of hours taken.


** Shelby and Desoto County residents qualify for

out-of-county tuition rate.






Course Fees
Course fee prices are per course and are listed in the last column of the class
schedule listings. Fees listed are lab fees, online fees and/or testing fees. Some
listings may be combined totals for multiple fees.

* Does not include the cost of commercial examinations.

Tuition Waiver for Arkansas Residents 60 & Over
As provided by Act 678 of the Arkansas Legislature, tuition is waived for Arkansas
residents age 60 and over who wish to take credit courses. Eligible students must
pay any applicable course/lab fees and purchase textbooks. Students must register
during late registration and may be required to show proof of age.


Refund of Tuition
Tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis according to the date of official
withdrawal and the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolled.
Course fees are not refundable unless the student withdraws prior to the first day
of class.

Payment Options
Contact the Finance Office at 870.733.6714 for information on the FACTS
monthly tuition payment plan.



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