September 2, 2014

TRIO Scholarship Policy


To support TRIO SSS participants’ academic ambitions and goals through a basic scholarship program.



This applies to all eligible currently enrolled TRIO SSS participants.


III. Scholarship Deadline

Scholarship deadline is May 4, 2013.



The TRIO Student Support Services Scholarship award is issued at the end of the academic year in the amount of $1110.  This amount may vary and is based on the minimum PELL award ($694 semesterly) allowed that a student can receive per semester as mandated by the Federal guidelines.  The award is issued by the Financial Aid Office and credited to the students’ account by June of each year.  The selection of applicants is based on a first come basis.  Completed applications with all of the required criteria and documentation is reviewed first by the counselor and then forwarded to the Administrative Assistant who verifies all of the documents and stamps the date the material was received and holds all materials until the scholarship deadline has passed.  Once the deadline has passed all of the scholarship applications are forwarded to the SSS Director for review.  The SSS Director reviews all of the documents and approves the applications that have met all of the stated criteria.  The SSS Director sends the list of scholarship recipients to the Director of Financial Aid to award the students’ account.  The SSS Director sends a letter of congratulations to each recipient and a letter to those who did not qualify detailing the criteria that were not met.  If there is a balance owed on the student’s account, the scholarship award will clear the outstanding balance.  A check from the Finance Office will be processed and mailed to the student for the remaining funds.  If there are sufficient funds remaining once all of the eligible applicants have been selected, a substitution for one workshop with another workshop of equal significance may be allowed to award more students an opportunity to receive a scholarship at that time.  However, substitutions can only be made at the director’s discretion.  The required face-to-face meetings must take place during the months of September, October, November, February, March and April.  They are recorded to the participants’ contact records in the TRIO SSS Blumen database and a copy of each is filed in their individual folders for documentation purposes.


The amount of scholarship funds awarded to the MSCC TRIO SSS program is $9,760 of the project’s $290,495 annual award allocated by the U. S. Department of Education.  These funds are for scholarship use only and if not completely expended annually, they must be returned to the U. S. Department of Education.  Every effort is made to award these funds.  The criteria for the scholarships are listed below.


TRIO SSS Scholarship Program Eligibility for Fall & Spring


  1. Must be enrolled in the program for a complete ACADEMIC (fall & spring-consecutively) year
  2. Must be a current Triple S program participant
  3. Must be part of student body with highest unmet financial aid
  4. Must have Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of zero for the Academic year
  5. Must have received the Federal Pell Grant during the Academic Year under consideration
  6. Must have completed at least 12 total semester hours (including developmental classes) each semester (total of 24 hours)
  7. Must complete 24 hours to qualify during the academic year you are applying for the scholarship
  8. Must finish each semester with a 2.5 Semester GPA and with a 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  9. Must attend the TRIPLE S Orientation during the fall and spring semesters
  10. Must have completed the KUDER and LASSI inventories, by May 4 of the academic year under consideration
  11. Must complete a minimum 20 hours of volunteer service during the Academic year (List will be provided)
  12. After acquiring 30 hours, you must immediately participate in at least 1 transfer trip
  13. Must have two monthly face to face visits with your counselor each semester (September, October, November, February, March & April)
  14. Must participate in two each per Academic Year: Cultural Workshop/Activity, Academic, Financial Literacy, & Career Workshops
  15. Must participate in any required academic tutoring (minimum 1 hour per week)