September 3, 2014


The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program at Mid-South Community College is a federally funded program whose mission is to increase the retention and graduation rates of eligible students and to foster an institutional climate that is supportive of first-generation, low income and students with disabilities.

Students must apply and be accepted into the program to take advantage of a variety of academic support services. These services include intrusive academic advising, financial literacy, career, transfer, and personal counseling, tutoring, workshops, social, and cultural activities. In addition, students are eligible to apply for a scholarship if all program criteria has been successfully completed. Because the program is federally funded, all services are free to eligible program participants. Presently, the SSS program at Mid-South Community College is able to serve 175 eligible students each semester.


TRiO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services Scholarship

The TRIO Student Support Services Scholarship award is issued at the end of the academic year in the amount of $1110.  This amount may vary and is based on the minimum PELL award ($555 per semester) that a student can receive per semester as mandated by federal guidelines.  The award is issued by the Financial Aid Office and credited to the students’ account by June of each year.  The selection of applicants is based eligibility and date of application.

Transfer Trips

One of the major academic programs at Mid-South Community College is the Associate of Arts (AA) degree program. This program is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree and transfer to a four-year institution. To help students prepare for the transfer process, the TRIO Student Support Services’ staff offer transfer trips during the fall and spring semesters. These trips provide insight into various local institutions’ admissions processes, introduce students to 4-year campus culture, and provide them with pertinent information about scholarships and housing. Many students decide on their college of choice after their transfer trip experience with MSCC.  Students must have completed 30 college hours to attend a transfer trip.

Overnight Laptop Check-out

A student must be a currently enrolled participant of the MSCC TRIO Student Support Services program to be eligible to checkout a laptop overnight for 24 hours. A student must present a current student identification card to verify enrollment status.  Computers may not be checked out more than 3 times per household within a week and there must be a 24 hour interval since the previous return before requesting the use of a computer again.  Computers may not be checked out on consecutive Fridays by the same student or members of the same household.  Checkout privileges may be restricted for 7 days if laptop is returned by someone other than the student who checked-out the laptop.  If the laptop is returned more than 30 minutes later than the required time, an assessment fee of $5 per hour will be charged to the student’s account.  If a laptop is lost or damaged, a repair or replacement fee determined by Informational Technology Center staff will be charged against the student’s account.  The cashier in the Finance Office is notified via email to charge the student’s account accordingly and a financial hold is placed on the account. Laptop checkout privileges are revoked until the student presents a receipt from the Finance Office indicating full payment has been made for the replacement of the laptop.