September 2, 2014

Title III – Predominantly Black Institutions (PBI)

students-on-stepsGoals of the Title III PBI Grant are to create new curricular models for Allied Health, Education, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs to enhance at-riisk students’ success.

Grant activities focus on contextualizing math, communication, and science skills into technical courses, on creating academic support through structured learning assistance, and on creating student activities that encourage student retention and goal achievement. Target populations are academically underprepared students and economically disadvantaged students with a special emphasis upon the success and retention of African American male students.

Contact:  Paul Greer, Director, 870 733-6820,

Four targeted areas within the PBI Grant:

More Effective Advising and Counseling
Provide professional development in intrusive developmental advising and proven ways of working effectively with diverse students.

Structured Learning Assistance
Institute a full-scale Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) program to provide supplemental support in developmental math, College Algebra, Physical Science, General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Composition I, and Social Science courses where student success is unacceptably low.

Contextualized Learning
Develop contextualized instruction in developmental math, developmental communications, and basic science, with required skills embedded in STEM, Allied Health, and Teacher Education courses.

Leadership and Mentoring Opportunities
Develop an additional group of experiences shown by research to be effective in building retention and success of African American males (mentoring, leadership training, increased social opportunities on campus, access to recreational opportunities, and training in entrepreneurship).




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