August 21, 2014

The Student Arkansas Education Association (SAEA)

The Student Arkansas Education Association, which is an outreach group of the Arkansas Education Association (AEA) and the National Education Association (NEA), is a professional organization for students who are preparing for a career in teaching. The purpose of SAEA is to assist in the academic,  professional, and social development of future teachers. Each fall, the AEA Convention offers many workshops which range from innovative classroom management techniques to “Teacher to Teacher” sessions focusing on proven  instructional methods.

The MSCC chapter of SAEA meets regularly and features leadership opportunities, presentations from experienced educators, and a wide range of student support services. In addition to the benefits provided by the local chapter, SAEA members are eligible to take advantage of the services provided by the AEA and the NEA. The AEA and NEA have developed a wide range of products and services including credit cards with travel rewards to auto, homeowners, long-term care and disability insurance; home financing; signature loans; and entertainment discounts.