September 2, 2014

Student ID

ID_machineAll students are issued a bar-coded identification card that they are expected to display at all times when they are on campus. Students should obtain or update ID cards when registering for classes each semester. Returning students should obtain a sticker listing their current semester of enrollment from the Finance Office, after making payment arrangements for their courses.

ID cards are required to use the Sandra C. Goldsby Library, the Learning Success Center, and to participate in certain student activities. More importantly, they ensure a safe campus by clearly identifying who belongs to the campus community. Not displaying an ID is a disciplinary issue, and students without them will be directed to the nearest administrative office to obtain written verification that they are currently enrolled students.

Students who withdraw from the College must turn in their ID cards in the Registrar’s Office. A lost card should be reported immediately to the Learning Success Center. A replacement ID may be obtained by paying the required fee.