September 2, 2014

Need a Tutor?

Academic coaching and tutorial support are available in the Learning Success Center during the following times:

Fall & Spring:   Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm and Monday – Thursday, 5pm-7pm

Summer: Monday – Thursday, 9am – 3pm and 5pm-7pm

Drop by student visits are encouraged and we can also schedule appointments.

How Do I Make An Appointment?
Appointments can be scheduled by visiting the Learning Success Center; group and individual sessions are welcome.  For drop-in coaching simply stop by the Learning Success Center and ask the front desk staff to assist you in seeing an available coach. The coaching schedule is available at the Learning Success Center front desk throughout the year.

Are There Any other Resources Available for Tutoring?
Yes, there are other resources available! For example, Smarthinking is an online tutorial resource available to all students to access professional tutors online. This resource offers instructional assistance in various subject areas and only requires you to login online to access the site. The Smarthinking link is also accessible via your Campus Cruiser dashboard. The Learning Success Center also offers a collection of materials on study skills development which is available at no cost to you. This collection includes textbooks, videos and pamphlets.  Any of the coaches in the Learning Success Center can assist you in study skills development.

Where Can I Get More Information? Visit the Learning Success Center (South Campus, Reynolds Center) to see an academic coach or get additional information.

In addition, you may call the center at 870-733- 6790