September 2, 2014

Looking for a way to pay for college?

Probably the scariest question most of us confront when we decide to go to college is, “How do I pay for it?” Thankfully, there are many different resources out there to help.
Paying for college should not be a barrier to your going to college! The federal government, states, and educational institutions all offer financial assistance to help low and middle income students afford college. There are also tax incentives and benefits related to higher education.Financial Aid falls into four categories:
1. Grants – this is money that does not have to be repaid
2. Loans – this is money that is borrowed to cover school costs, which must be repaid (usually with interest) over a specified period of time (usually after you leave school or graduate)
3.Work-study – this is school-based employment which would allow you to earn money toward a portion of school costs during your enrollment
4. Scholarships – these are gifts or awards that are based on criteria, such as academic achievement, background, community involvement, etc.The internet can provide you with a lot of good information on funding your education, but avoid sites that charge for their services! Instead, contact an Educational Opportunity Center counselor. He or she will help you navigate the financial aid maze!

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