August 21, 2014


Staff vs. Student Basketball
“This semester long series features various events where students compete against members of the MSCC staff for bragging rights. 5-on-5 basketball competition placing the staff against the students. Events in this series include bowling, softball, trivia, chess and dodge ball. Students and staff alike enjoy these opportunities to get to interact in a less formal environment.”

Staff vs. Student Volleyball
“Typically a co-ed activity where staff and students alike can compete against one another either indoors or outside. With a team of six on each side, the victor is chosen after the end of three sets at the net.”

Staff vs. Students Kickball

“Fast, furious & fun. Staff vs. Student Kickball places these classic rivals against one another on the Kickball field.”

Staff vs. Student Bowling Night
“The coveted MSCC Bowling night is one of our most popular events. Held at the local bowling alley students and staff get to enjoy a friendly game of bowling. Afterwards, in addition to continued bowling opportunities, pool is also offered to relax and enjoy the evening.”

Frisbee Golf: Beginners
A beginner’s class that shows players step by step instructions on how to play Frisbee golf and once you have picked up on the fun sport you can later compete with friends or other opponents.