September 3, 2014


Students planning to graduate should make an appointment with their academic advisor no later than the semester prior to graduation to complete a degree audit which must be submitted to the Registrar for review and approval by the date listed in the Academic Calendar (fall semester). Students may graduate under their catalog of entry or any subsequent catalog in effect during a year in which they have been enrolled. Associate degree graduates are required to complete a minimum of 18 credit hours at MSCC. Certificate completers must complete at least 50 per cent of required program hours at MSCC. Completing this audit ensures that students are aware of and can complete all requirements by the time of their intended graduation.

Students must file an Intent to Graduate form with the Registrar’s Office by the deadline listed in the Fall Semester section of the Academic Calendar. All students must complete the MSCC Graduate Survey, and associate degree students must complete the WorkKeys® assessments before the commencement ceremony to be eligible for graduation.

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Mid-South holds only one commencement exercise each year–at the end of the spring semester. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of a 2.0 or better for courses taken at MSCC and complete all MSCC degree requirements prior to participating in the ceremony. Any program substitution(s) must be approved by the Executive Vice President. Those completing during the summer or fall semesters will receive a diploma upon completion and may participate in the next scheduled ceremony. Maximum Time Allowed to Complete Certificates/Degrees

Students pursuing a certificate or degree follow the requirements outlined in the MSCC catalog in effect the year of their initial enrollment at the College. They may, however, elect to follow the requirements of a subsequent catalog if they were enrolled in the year that the catalog was in effect. Students who wish to change catalogs must inform the Registrar’s Office. Because Mid-South Community College frequently revises its programs to reflect changing transfer and employment needs, students who exceed the following time limits may be required to fulfill the award requirements of a catalog other than their catalog of entry:

• Certificate programs of 24 hours or less — 2 years

• Certificate programs of 45 hours or less — 4 years

• Associate degree programs — 6 years

If these time limits are exceeded, students may be required to fulfill the degree requirements of the catalog in force at the time of expiration. In addition, the College reserves the right to make course substitutions for program requirements when students take more than 150% of the program length to complete requirements as stated in their catalog of entry.

Students who graduate from MSCC and return to complete another program will be governed by the catalog in force at the time they return.

Graduation with Honors

Students graduating with honors shall be recognized at commencement with gold cords and with their names listed in the program as follows:

• Graduates with cumulative GPAs of 3.25-3.49 — Cum Laude

• Graduates with cumulative GPAs of 3.50-3.79 — Magna Cum Laude

• Graduates with cumulative GPAs of 3.80-4.00 — Summa Cum Laude

Cumulative GPAs shall include any transfer hours that apply toward the degree or certificate being granted. When students have taken a course more than once, the most recent grade shall apply toward the cumulative GPA.

Developmental education courses are included in GPA calculations for graduation honors.