August 23, 2014

Disability FAQ

1. What do I need to do to obtain services?

Answer: a) Have a documented or established disability. If your documentation is dated, you can be reassessed, request a letter from your doctor, or have your doctor complete a report of disability functional limitations.

b) Complete the registration process in the Disability Services Office. The registration form is available online.

Disability Registration Update (pdf)

c) Submit the registration for services and the documentation of a disability to Disability Services (DS).

d) Obtain a letter and accommodation form electronically or by mail.

2. I haven’t been diagnosed; I don’t know if I have a disability; I want to get tested for a learning disability, how do I do that?

Answer: Contact Disability Services for a consultation and counseling.

3. Do you provide tutoring services for students?

Answer: The Learning Success Center offers tutorial services to all students.

4. Are there any scholarships for students with disabilities?

Answer: Yes, contact Disability Services around the end of December each year. Mrs. Vickie Keeton is the contact person for scholarships and resources.

5. Are note-taking services available if I qualify?

Answer: Yes, note-taking services are available if this accommodation is denoted by your physician and approved by the Disability Services Office.

6. Where can I park if I am disabled and have a registered handicapped parking decal?

Answer: Contact Disability Services for a chart of locations of handicapped parking spaces.