August 22, 2014

MSCC Students, Faculty Benefit from Summer Experience with NASA

nasaWhen Mid-South Community College student Crystal Daniel received notification of acceptance into a National Aeronautics and Space Administration summer program, she almost declined the invitation. Ten weeks later, she was very glad she didn’t.

“At first, I felt overwhelmed by the idea of going so far away from home,” she said. “I also felt that, as an educator in training, I had no place with the ‘geniuses’ at NASA. I actually almost rejected my acceptance into the program.” [Read more...]

MSCC Names Melinda Laster 2013-14 Academic All-Star

winner_1Mid-South Community College student Melinda Laster of Proctor has earned Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges (AATYC) Academic All-Star recognition for 2013-2014.

The West Memphis High School graduate will receive formal acknowledgment of her accomplishment at the AATYC Fall Conference In October. With the honor comes a $500 scholarship for the spring semester.

[Read more...]

Activities and Special Events2

GET CONNECTED with MSCC Pride and with other students by engaging in cultural enrichment activities, empowerment workshops, field trips, social events and co-curricular activities which compliments the academic curriculum and promotes diversity, campus life and leisure balance.

Activities and Special Events

GET CONNECTED with MSCC Pride and with other students by engaging in cultural enrichment activities, empowerment workshops, field trips, social events and co-curricular activities which compliments the academic curriculum and promotes diversity, campus life and leisure balance.

Admissions & Registrar’s Office

On behalf of both the Admissions and the Registrar’s Office, we welcome you to Mid-South Community College and the Student Affairs website. Our office maintains all official academic records and provides transcripts and enrollment verification. Other services include student admission, including international student services, transfer credit and prior learning evaluations, graduation certification, grade changes and end-of-term grading processes. Both the Admissions and the Registrar’s Offices are located in the Learning Success Center in the Reynolds Center on our South Campus. 

Fall / Spring Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 8:00am – 6:oopm
Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm

Summer Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:30pm
Friday Closed

Contact Us

Leslie Anderson, Registrar –

Brenda Gadberry, Assistant Registrar –

Phone: 870.733.6728


Quick Links

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Financial Aid

Academic Probation / Suspension

Academic Probation

Students whose overall grade point averages (which include developmental and college level courses) fall below 2.00 will be placed on academic probation. In addition, students who attempt the same developmental or required core academic course two times and either fail or withdraw from the course will be placed on academic probation upon re-enrollment—regardless of GPA. A third unsuccessful attempt of the same course will place a student on academic suspension.

Students on academic probation must meet with the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services or designee to develop a plan of action to improve their grade point averages. Students on academic probation may be restricted to three to six credit hours per semester. Students who need twelve credit hours to receive full financial aid, to meet enrollment criteria for insurance coverage, to receive Arkansas Vocational Rehabilitation funds, or to meet international student visa requirements are cautioned to note this restriction. Students on academic probation from other colleges or universities who transfer to MSCC are also governed by this policy.

Academic probation will continue as long as students maintain a semester GPA of 2.00 or better on all courses taken until their overall grade point average equals 2.00 or better and the probationary status is removed.


Academic Suspension

Students will be suspended for a minimum of 15 weeks if

a. they fail to attain a 2.00 semester GPA during a probationary semester or

b. they fail to successfully complete (fail or withdraw from) a required developmental course or core academic course within three attempts.

Students will be referred to tutorial resources in the Learning Success Center or to the Adult Education program to help address their academic problems. When readmitted, they are placed on academic probation, and their enrollment may be restricted to required developmental or core courses which they have not previously completed successfully.

Students may re-enter after the suspension period has lapsed, under condition of academic probation for one semester, with approval of the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services.

Should a student fail to attain a 2.00 semester average during the semester of re-entry or should a student fail to successfully complete the designated developmental or core course that caused the suspension, a one-year suspension will ensue, followed by similar readmission requirements.

Credit taken at another college or university during the suspension period may not be transferred to MSCC for degree credit or included in the student’s overall grade point average.  Students on academic suspension from other colleges/universities who transfer to MSCC are also governed by this policy.


For more information about Academic Probation & Suspension at MSCC, please contact:

John Easley
Coordinator of Student Success Programs
Office:   870.733.6841

Student Code of Conduct

Mid-South Community College is committed to providing a living, learning environment for students in which they may grow both as students and as citizens. All students are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights of all other members of our community to live, to learn, to work and to teach in such an environment. Any behavioral problems by students will be addressed under this student discipline policy. Students who fail to maintain appropriate conduct may be asked to leave the academic community.”  Please take a moment to review the student code of conduct.

Learning Success Center

Located in the Reynolds Center, the Learning Success Center (LSC) serves as a one-stop location for student learning and information about support services. It provides a network of computers with applications and academic support software for student use with assistance provided by a supportive staff. The Center also offers students opportunities to work in groups or individually and to receive appropriate academic coaching. Students must present valid MSCC IDs for entry into the LSC. Faculty members, professional and student peer academic coaches offer services in most academic areas. Supplemental instruction, via video tapes or computer resources is also provided for mathematics, English, accounting, science, and computer applications, as well as
other courses.

The Learning Success Center also offers students the following services:

• Comprehensive computer lab
• Disability services
• Academic coaching
• Job placement and career guidance
• Admissions and transfer information
• Academic assistance to students on academic probation
• Assistance for students initiating the course drop and withdrawal process
• Minority Male Mentoring
LSC contact information: 870-733-6766


Each semester the Mid-South Community College Recreational Department awards the title of Recreational Participant of the year to the student who successfully participates in the most Recreational activities offered by the department. This page is regularly updated with the latest standings in that contest.