July 28, 2014

About Us

It is such an exciting time to be a part of Mid-South Community College’s Division of Student Affairs! Mid-South Community College has experienced record enrollments over the past few years and the Division of Student Affairs has been diligent in its quest to develop innovative, engaging support programs to keep pace with the college’s growing student body. We invite you to explore these pages to discover the various opportunities available to you at Mid-South Community College.

In the Division of Student Affairs, we work in many capacities to develop learning opportunities which focus on cultural enrichment, leadership, civic responsibility, diversity and curriculum enhancement. Whether you are a current or prospective student, we hope that you will find the information detailed on the pages beneficial to your academic endeavors. The Student Affairs staff works collaboratively with other administrators, faculty, and staff to create an engaging, learning-centered culture which provides the platform for students to grow and develop into world leaders of tomorrow! Start Here. Go Anywhere!

Gheric Bruce,
Associate Vice President for Student Life 
Holly Carlo,
Administrative Specialist for Student Life  
ph-870 733-6061
Jeremy Recce,
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Lindsey Stevens,
Administrative Specialist for Enrollment Services
870 733-6085