Hospitality Management

Hospitality continues as one of the world’s most dynamic and growing industries. In the U.S., hospitality-related jobs employ 8.6 percent of the overall workforce (based on May 3, 2013, Bureau of Labor Statistics), and 29,000 jobs are being added each month. According to the World Trade Organization, industry growth is expected to triple by 2020. If that growth is realized, the hospitality profession would become one of the largest employers around the globe.



MSCC’s Hospitality Management program provides education and training that prepares students to work in supervisory positions upon graduation. Since local growth in the hospitality industry is projected to continue, individuals with a college education and relevant work experience will have the opportunity for rewarding careers.

The Jeremy Jacobs Hospitality Management degree program focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for industry employment while also providing the first two years of curriculum that can lead toward a four-year degree in Hospitality Management or related program for those who want to transfer. The program also includes a 320-hour internship which exposes students to the different facets of the industry such as tourism, hotels, events, conventions and resorts. Upon graduation students are prepared to enter the hospitality industry.

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Possible Careers & Earnings

Front Desk Associate | $21,000
Sous Chef | $36,000
Sales Manager | $46,100
Director of Catering | $65,400

These salaries are based on information from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education and They reflect earnings for employees with several years of experience.

Students with disabilities verified by a qualified physician are entitled
to reasonable accommodations needed to complete their educational goals while attending MSCC.
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