Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

You’ll be first on the scene to provide life-saving assistance with MSCC’s EMT program. Learn the skills necessary to deal with traumatic injuries and accident scenes as well as how to safely transport victims to hospitals or medical centers.



The Emergency Medical Techincian program at ASU Mid-South focuses on basic life support skills such as airway support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, fracture immobilization, patient assessment and use of emergency medical services equipment.

Upon successful completion of this semester-long program, students will receive a Certificate of Proficiency and will sit for the Emergency Medical Technician National Registry Exam.

For more information about programs offered at ASU Mid-South or how to register, contact the Admissions Office at 870.733.6728 or email admissions@midsouthcc.edu.

Potential Annual Salary:

Emergency Medical Technicians | $21,873 – $37,877

These salaries are based on information from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education and salary.com. They reflect earnings for employees with several years of experience.

Students with disabilities verified by a qualified physician are entitled
to reasonable accommodations needed to complete their educational goals while attending MSCC.
For Gainful Employment information, please visit http://www.midsouthcc.edu/financialaid/gainful-employment/