Business Technology

The skills learned from a Business Technology degree can be applied to a broad range of industries and careers.  Whether you are planning to work in a large corporate office, become a specialist in a support field, or run your own business, Mid-South Community College can give you a broad understanding of the principles that you will need to succeed in a business environment.



Students choosing the Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology will obtain a core of general education and fundamental business skills and knowledge.

We provide two concentrations in the Business Technology program. The Business Administration option teaches a basic understanding of business, economics and accounting issues while the Applications Specialist option provides a basic understanding of business issues and prepares students for Microsoft Office Specialist© certification.  No matter what type of business career you want to pursue, Mid-South Community College has an option that will teach you the skills to achieve your goals.

Mid-South Community College offers degree and certificate programs to meet student and community needs. Program courses address general education knowledge as well as behaviors needed for good citizenship and successful careers. Goals and course objectives are listed in the colleges catalog under Academic Programs to inform students so that they can better relate their college studies to their personal educational and career goals.

For more information about programs offered at Mid-South Community College or how to register, contact the Admissions Office at 870.733.6728 or email


Potential Careers & Earnings

Administrative Assistant  | $35,000

Office Services Technician  | $34,000

Office Manager  | $55,000


These salaries are based on information from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education and They reflect earnings for employees with several years of experience.

Students with disabilities verified by a qualified physician are entitled

 to reasonable accommodations needed to complete their educational goals while attending MSCC.

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Student Testimonial