Associate of Arts

An associate of arts (AA) degree is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years
of a baccalaureate degree and transfer to a four‐year institution. The AA degree in General Education at
MSCC requires 60 credit hours.

Credits earned in the 35‐hour State Minimum Core are transferable to all Arkansas public
institutions of higher education. Students taking courses beyond the core, or students planning to
transfer to out‐of‐state institutions, should follow the curriculum advised by the transfer institution and
obtain written assurance, in advance, of the transferability of credits.

In compliance with Arkansas law, all college students are tested on their learning in the general
education curriculum. Students who complete 45 to 60 hours in the Associate of Arts degree program
will be tested prior to graduation for proficiency in mathematics, writing, reading, and scientific
reasoning. Students eligible for the tests will be notified of testing dates and times. Students attending
Arkansas public colleges and universities must present test scores in order to continue their education
above the sophomore level.

The following outline of requirements should be used as a planning worksheet. Students should
check course descriptions and prerequisites in planning their courses of study.

Program Goals
In addition to the General Education Learning Outcomes listed on pages 93‐94, Associate of Arts in
General Education students are expected to satisfy the following program goal:
• Demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret scientific principles and modes of inquiry.


Although not specifically for transfer, MSCC has articulation agreements in place to support transfer opportunities in the following areas::

Advanced Manufacturing Technology  [link to catalog page]

Aviation Maintenance Technology [link to catalog page]

Information Systems Technology [link to catalog page]

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