Mission and Purpose

ASU Mid-South is a public two-year institution of higher education with an open-door admission policy, serving Crittenden County, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas with a comprehensive educational program. The College is committed to economic development in the Arkansas Delta through the provision of high quality, affordable, and convenient learning opportunities and services consistent with identified student, community, and regional needs.

To meet these needs, the College provides quality academic and support programs, personnel, technology, administrative services, and facilities necessary to respond in a timely and effective manner.

College Purposes

  • To provide community college general education and technical curricula which prepare students for global awareness, an appreciation of diversity, employment, and lifelong learning.
  • To provide academic resources, technology, and learning support programming to foster student success.
  • To provide extra-curricular activities that promote wellness, leadership development, good citizenship, and cultural growth.
  • To foster economic development by providing a training and educational link between the College and business and industry that ensures a competent local and regional workforce.
  • To support cultural and community events.


MSCC Value Statements

ASU Mid-South is committed to:

  • Access: Access, opportunity, and support for those who may benefit from its programs and services.
  • A Positive Campus Environment: A working and learning environment that encourages freedom of inquiry and values integrity, courtesy, and involvement in decision-making while respecting cultural diversity and individual differences.
  • Community and Civic Responsibility: Civic responsibility through planned learning experiences and through collaboration with local organizations to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of the community.
  • Quality and Accountability: Quality instruction and the effective use of technology, resources, and support services through continuous assessment of needs, programs and services.
  • Responsiveness: Responsiveness to economic, cultural, social, and human development by serving as a catalyst for community and educational improvements.
  • Learning and Individual Goal Achievement: Educational programs designed to motivate, challenge, and reward excellence in those who utilize and provide them.